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We are a highly regulated entrepreneurial organization, that encourages courage, accountability, and perseverance as the underlying foundation in our core values.

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The mission of Capstone Healthcare is to deliver the latest and most advanced testing to all Americans. We are committed to ensuring that healthcare providers are able to get to the right diagnosis faster and with a level of confidence that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. We believe that the use of genetic testing in the management of chronic illness is the key to changing healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has access to quality testing at an affordable price. Our long-term goal is to improve the health and wellness of our patients and to ensure we go beyond just diagnosing disease. We will be working to find ways to prevent disease.

The CAP Way - Our Core Values
Vital to Success

The decisions you make every day are vital to the health of your patients and your practice. Capstone Healthcare is an independent, veteran owned, state of the art laboratory and center of scientific excellence based in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide a full range of genetics and molecular testing, as well as, a comprehensive toxicology testing services that utilize the most advanced Mass Spectrometry and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. Our mission is to partner with healthcare professionals and provide rapid diagnostic answers to the most challenging and chronic conditions.



Genetic testing improves detection as well as treatment plans. Through PGx, CGx and Optimized UTI testing, we're improving outcomes.



Our diagnostic services are supported by both accuracy and quality control measures. Learn more about what our customized diagnostics can do for you.



Consult the experts. We craft customized panels for your needs. Start the conversation today about how we can improve your service.



We've worked with Capstone for some time now, I would recommend them for any diagnostic and consulting needs. Great staff and service as well.

- Stacy Pavao

My Practice has been utilizing the lab services of Capstone Healthcare. We have used a number of their services including UTI testing, toxicology, and genetic testing (both pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer screening). I have been very pleased with their services. The reports are easy to access and always on time. Additionally, the reports come color-coded, making them very user friendly and easy for my patients to follow as we discuss treatment options and appropriate courses of action. My Capstone representatives have been reliable, easily accessible and available to address any need as it arises.

- Dr. Michelle A Huggins, Huggins Medical Group

For a quick turnaround on your results, it's a must to use this laboratory. It's helped our business thrive.

- Mike White