With more than 7 billion people in the world and over 6 million components to every individual’s genetic code, it is becoming increasingly important to understand our genetic differences and how genetic testing can educate patients in taking steps to reduce their risk of disease, detect it earlier and provide a more informed and personalized treatment plan.

At Capstone Healthcare, we specialize in helping clinicians and patients make the most of these individual differences. We have partnered with leading manufacturers of genotyping technologies to identify these unique variations. Our laboratory provides a clinical support team of technicians and scientists who deliver accurate results and bring clarity to this advancing science.

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The science of determining how genetic variability influences physiological responses to drugs, from absorption and metabolism to pharmacologic action and therapeutic effect.
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Optimized Women’s Health

Providing real-time PCR solutions and answers for chronic women’s health challenges – BV, Yeast Infections and Trichomoniasis.
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Optimized UTI

Affecting over 8 million people a year, UTI’s are one of the most common reasons for a doctor visit. Using the latest DNA technology, we offer the new standard of testing for rapid and definitive outcomes.
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Hereditary Cancer

Predictive Genetic Testing can reduce the stress of the unknown, offering clear and actionable results of your genetic risk to key cancers and diseases.

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If pregnant or planning to become pregnant, our testing is designed to help assess your risk of passing along certain genetic conditions to your child.


Effective Pain Management combines the right drug therapy with pain medication monitoring
to ensure drug safety and patient compliance.

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Urine Testing

Urine samples used for LC-MS/MS confirmatory testing of over 100 drugs and their metabolites.


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Oral Fluids

For patients who are unable to provide a urine sample, an oral fluid test can be done as an alternative.


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Designer Drugs

Urine test designed to detect a synthetic (chemically made) version of an illegal drug which has been altered slightly to avoid it being classified as illegal.


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A comprehensive and actionable testing tool to identify patients at risk for therapy failure.


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d & l Isomer Testing

Molecular test which differentiates an illicit drug from a non-illicit.


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A biomarker screening that detects the presence of ethyl glucuronide, a breakdown product of ethanol, in urine samples.


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The mission of Capstone Healthcare is to deliver the latest and most advanced testing to all Americans. We are committed to ensuring that healthcare providers are able to get to the right diagnosis faster and with a level of confidence that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. We believe that the use of genetic testing in the management of chronic illness is the key to changing healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has access to quality testing at an affordable price. Our long-term goal is to improve the health and wellness of our patients and to ensure we go beyond just diagnosing disease. We will be working to find ways to prevent disease.

The decisions you make every day are vital to the health of your patients and your practice. Capstone Healthcare is an independent, state of the art laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide both a full-service urine drug testing lab and a leading-edge genetic testing lab that utilize improved and expanding technologies. Our mission is to partner with healthcare providers to provide insights that optimize their ability to provide the most effective prescriptive path, paving the way for enlightened customized healthcare.