We Believe In Improving
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This is why we offer a wide range of genetic testing to help you discover the best course of action to both treat and prevent disease and chronic illnesses.

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The science of determining how genetic variability influences physiological responses to drugs, from absorption and metabolism to pharmacologic action and therapeutic effect.
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Optimized Women’s Health

Providing real-time PCR solutions and answers for chronic women’s health challenges – BV, Yeast Infections and Trichomoniasis.


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Optimized UTI

Affecting over 8 million people a year, UTI’s are one of the most common reasons for a doctor visit. Using the latest DNA technology, we offer the new standard of testing for rapid and definitive outcomes.


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Hereditary Cancer

Predictive Genetic Testing can reduce the stress of the unknown, offering clean and actionable results of your genetic risk to key cancers and diseases.
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If pregnant or planning to become pregnant, our testing is designed to help assess your risk of passing along certain genetic conditions to your child.

Why Capstone Healthcare?

Founded in 2015, Capstone Healthcare is a leader in healthcare technology and laboratory services with a focus on developing new technologies.

Our scientific research team has decades of expertise in the field of diagnostic testing. Capstone Healthcare provides healthcare professionals with accurate and timely results, as well as customized testing services.

Capstone Healthcare uses the latest in high thru-put QPCR technology to analyze patient samples; generate easy to read reports and provide you with clinically significant data based on the most recent medical innovations.

In addition, a Capstone Healthcare team member is always available for an in-depth consultation.


In order to deliver the most advanced testing, Capstone Healthcare utilizes the latest technology for next generation sequencing with the Ion GeneStudio S5 Series. The S5 Series technology delivers unmatched speed and flexibility, all enabled by five Ion S5 chips that can facilitate a wide variety of projects, delivering the fastest and most efficient results to our clients.