Wound Panel

Capstone Healthcare offers comprehensive panels to assist with wound care. Utilizing the organizations QuantStudio Real Time PCR instruments with OpenArray technology, our testing can identify bacterial, fungal as well as anti-biotic resistant strains for better patient outcomes.


Ideal For

Capstone Healthcare’s Wound Panel is ideal for…

Identification of unknown bacterial disease.
Diabetes related ulcers and skin complications.
Acute of chronic ulcer related diagnosis for patient care
Ideal for identification of unknown disorder of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Wound related care showing signs of symptoms such as fever, headache and weakness
Identification of Antibiotic resistant strains


Bacterial disease
Bacterial infection/disease
Pressure Ulcers - Site specific
Non-Pressure Chronic Ulcers - Site specific
Gangrene, not elsewhere classified
Joint pain unspecified
Enlarged lymph nodes, unspecified
...and many more symptoms.
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